Stories I've Published


VOXPOETICA: Love by the Numbers
VOXPOETICA: Haikus 9 and 10
VOXPOETICA: A Disquisition on Spoons
VOXPOETICA: Ode to Spring
VOXPOETICA: Ship of Bones
VOXPOETICA-- Haikus 8 and 12
THE WORD PLACE - Clocks & On A Digital Photo
The Poem Factory--Fall Again/ Fleeting
PSH: Damn Leaves, Mermaids Kiss, Ode To Spring
Rope And Wire-Cowboy Jack
Rope & Wire--Old Jethro
Rope And Wire--Bunkhouse Christmas
Rope & Wire--Tough Job


Ray Gun Revival--Terra Phi
Muse Thing: ADOPTION 1/11/10
mudjob: Grandma Bixby's Teeth
mudjob: A Taste For Music
Mudjob: The Bay It Buzz & A Fish Story
mudjob--Time Traveler
mudjob: The Travel Agent
Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers: ARE YOU ROGER? 
Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers: THE ALARM 
Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers: THE HAUNTED HOUSE 
Thrillers, Killers & Chillers--The Rest Stop
Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers: OWL HEAD LAKE
Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers: THE RAIN
Yesteryear Fiction--Fate
Down in the Dirt: Blue Moon
A Word With You Press--Chanukah Story
Pond Ripples Magazine - The Ants 
Pond Ripples Magazine-The Wish
Pond Ripples Magazine-The Man Who Lost His Head 
Unheard Magazine-No Muse is Bad News 
Unheard Magazine--Porch Rockers
Quantum Muse-Transmutation
Quantum Muse - A Simple Misunderstanding
Quantum Muse - Crown of Thorns
Quantum Muse-The Judgment
Quantum Muse The Smog
Quantum Muse -Toy Food
Quantum Muse - The Ship
Quantum Muse -Adoption
Quantum Muse -The Device
Quantum Muse - Toy Food
Quantum Muse - A Prune For Santa
Quantum Muse - Who's Next
Fried Fiction - Hold The Anchovies
eFiction--Tin Man 
eFiction Magazine--The Troop
eFiction Magazine--The Cave & Reversal of Fortune
Eclectic Flash, The Samaritan
Sci-Fi Freedom--A Prune For Santa
eFiction Magazine-The Lesson
SFF--The Smog & The Ship
asstr--The Wrong Christmas
Dunesteef Audio Fiction--The Alarm Podcast
Every photo Tells--A Fish Story Podcast
Inwood Indiana--Alien Artifacts
The Greer Agency--create space
Fiction365--Blue Moon
365 tomorrows » Suron 
365 tomorrows » The Bay It Buzz
The Moonlit Road--Rest Stop
The Moonlit Road-Haunted
NewRadioTheater--Aliens Like Us
A Small, Good Magazine--More Than Just Curry
BentMasses-Dragon Song