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This book is also available in Greek, Spanish and Korean bilingual editions.

A swashbuckling fairy tale adventure.

A fairy tale about a poor fisherman and his greedy wife who makes one wish too many for her own good.

13 delicious dessert recipes parents can make with their children.

This book is available in French and Spanish

There's a bug for every letter and a letter for every bug.

Once there was a time when cats had no fur and no whiskers.This is the story of how cats acquired their beautiful fur coats.

The Broody Little Hen knows something is wrong. Shejust needs to sit on something.
This book is available in Czech and German

Only creatures made from recycled metal scraps can survive on the moon.

The real story of how this birds beak got so big.

A Beautiful princess is made a prisoner by her father because he thinks she is too beautiful for anyone else to look upon.

The Little Robot is curious to see what goes on at the zoo when no one is around. 

Five frogs share a lily pad, one jumps off and the rest feel sad. A sweet way to learn your numbers.
Now available in 13 bilingual editions:
FrenchQR Code, Gothic

The adventures of a daydreaming kid.

This book is also available in Spanish

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